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Kidnapped? Not a problem!

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2022.01.28 08:36 DF_X_LUCKY Kidnapped? Not a problem!

Chapter 32, Birgitte's PoV, planning to rescue Elayne. Last line:

Bloody woman, she thought. The bond had never once carried any hint of fear.
I laughed so hard at this one, like Birgitte here was planning so hard, wracking her brains for something, and Elayne's like "Jokes on you, black sisters, my babes aren't yet born so I can't die yet."
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2022.01.28 08:36 alexvirus34 What's your best childhood memory?

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2022.01.28 08:36 2bfeminine Kandi

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2022.01.28 08:36 NewsElfForEnterprise Logitech’s latest mechanical keyboards are affordable and understated

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2022.01.28 08:36 fruitymcfruitcake Mad charlie vibes imo

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2022.01.28 08:36 PBNoobs First skill level 8 Chika!

First skill level 8 Chika! The scouts were way too generous with all the Chika URs :D
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2022.01.28 08:36 Deacon86 Interesting manufacturing defect on my sovereign. Not complaining.

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2022.01.28 08:36 alj0sa anyone got woah v2 and cancun?

i can't find it anywhere
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2022.01.28 08:36 PokketFinance ARK Invest’s new report predicts Ether’s market cap will reach $20 trillion and Bitcoin’s price will exceed $1 million by 2030.

ARK Invest’s new report predicts Ether’s market cap will reach $20 trillion and Bitcoin’s price will exceed $1 million by 2030. submitted by PokketFinance to PokketOfficial [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 08:36 jobsinanywhere Dusan Vlahovic swarmed by fans as he arrives at Juventus for medical after rejecting Arsenal to seal £62m transfer

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2022.01.28 08:36 superfresh467 Just finished inside .... Damn.

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2022.01.28 08:36 Fish_Roe_Man [Gen VIII] My first shiny ever! (Had to double check cuz it looks so similar to normal Paras)

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2022.01.28 08:36 Ok-Sherbert-1351 hiii folks lets have a RUN TO 1000 KARMA, UPVOTE AND UPVOTE BACK

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2022.01.28 08:36 CommunistAnimeLover Yooooo have some sneak peaks

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2022.01.28 08:36 Skycydia Which is more close to how people perceive you, mirror or photo?

I keep seeing mixed responses with some people saying mirror is accurate whilst other people say photo is more accurate.
I know Qoves already has a video on this but I'm still confused.
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2022.01.28 08:36 m00nbum $22.39 (Reg. $70) 12-Pc Tabletops Unlimited Camilla Round Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

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2022.01.28 08:36 BengaluruNagaraBot A new approach to decontaminating Bengaluru’s wastewater

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2022.01.28 08:36 venomja Life got in the way... please fill me in!

Hey guys,
I have barely watched any AEW since Hangman won the title (amazing moment) due to some stressful ongoing life situations. I quickly glance over YouTube highlights but they don't really show much if anything.
Could someone be kind enough to give a TL;DR of the main storylines so I can pick back up Dynamite on Wednesday without feeling too lost?
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2022.01.28 08:36 mugachino Friday arvo - cheers to all

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2022.01.28 08:36 ServingwithTG Gonna smell so bad after, Prestidigitation won’t work.

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2022.01.28 08:36 Sbradley1988 Is it ever explained why *SPOILER* has a shardblade?

Hi all
Apologies if this has been asked before, or is obvious and I've just missed it.
I'm just on a re-listen of the series (currently finishing WoR as we speak, I love the Battle of Narak)
I got to the point where Dalinar reveals he took the Shardblade off Taln when he was placed with the Ardents, and I wondered at the time WHY Taln had a shardblade with him to begin with?
We know that Heralds did/could not bond spren to get themselves a blade, and it was obviously not shaded spren bonded to Taln, otherwise Dalinar would not have been able to bond it.
So my question is, where did it come from? Taln is first seen with it as he dragged it behind him. Did he bring it back from Braize with him? That has some implications, if so, I'd imagine.
Did he take it off someone while on Roshar? Where? It's not mentioned (AFAIK) that anyone recognises it, or even that it is a new design.
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2022.01.28 08:36 Aheadclover Vertical stand for gpu with an AIO

I have a gigabyte aorus 3080 waterforce with an AIO and i want to buy a vertical mount because i think it looks better, i was wondering if the pump would still pump the liquid properly if the GPU is vertically mounted. For better context the fans are mounted in the front of the case as intake
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2022.01.28 08:36 Ottieriez Japan’s virus cases top 80,000; Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo set records

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2022.01.28 08:36 Duke_Of_Blazeland Who pays money to listen to the radio?

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2022.01.28 08:36 neelabh2818 Is expressvpn good to go with?

So I've read the posts in this sub and it seems like a very confusing environment here, could anybody please give an honest review about this vpn whether you would go for it? Or if you have been an old customer already are you continuing the same? Does it unblock netflix or other streaming apps? How's the speed with regards to a 100mbps dl/ul fibre connection? What about the risks? If any.
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