Children of Dune: I don't think the preacher was a necessary character

Namely, and don't open the spoiler if you value your childhood, only the alpha pair in a clownfish colony reproduce. What's more, the only female is the alpha female: when it dies, the alpha male morphs into a female and the second-in-line male becomes the new alpha male and sires the new clownfish babies. Choose from millions of best-selling ebooks, audiobooks, comics, manga, and textbooks. Save books in your library and then read or listen on any device, including your web browser. Book Two in the Magnificent Dune Chronicles—the Bestselling Science Fiction Adventure of All Time Dune Messiah continues the story of Paul Atreides, better known—and feared—as the man christened Muad’Dib. As Emperor of the known universe, he possesses more power than a single man was ever meant to wield. How ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ was delayed. Shortly after announcing the Fantastic Beasts film series, WB had set dates for movies 2 and 3. Those dates were November 16, 2018 for Crimes of ... This is smartly written. It is fearless. It has a few quiet, poignant moments, but mostly it's high-octane sarcasm. It doesn't seem like YA lit, like I said. It could have been in the adult section. Don't read it unless you are trigger-proof.---(I don't want a mega-post. I'll review quicker!) Horror Hunters (★★★ 1/2) Children of Dune (Dune #3), Frank Herbert Children of Dune is a 1976 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, the third in his Dune series of six novels. At the end of Dune Messiah, Paul Atreides walks into the desert, a blind man, leaving his twin children Leto and Ghanima in the care of the Fremen, while his sister Alia rules the universe as ...

2022.01.28 09:27 LemonLord7 Children of Dune: I don't think the preacher was a necessary character

I just finished Children of Dune and I don't think Paul should have returned. The preacher was an interesting character, sure, but I don't think the preacher should have been Paul. I really liked Dune and Messiah as a duo. Their story of Paul has him go through hardship and betrayal, has him choose the path of revenge at the cost of others (unleashing the jihad), and then having him face the consequences and in the end sacrificing himself to end the holy war in is name. To me this was a really solid duo with a clear story.
Bringing him back for Children of Dune didn't at all feel necessary to me. He was mostly depressed and didn't really do anything. The preacher could have been an entirely new character in my opinion. I feel like Dune and Messiah could have been its own awesome duo about the jihad, and then have Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune be its own duo about the golden path. Please don't spoil God Emperor of Dune, I haven't read it yet and all I know about it is that it concludes the golden path storyline. Maybe I am just venting but I feel like Children of Dune retroactively lessens the Messiah story. I know some people will say it was all intentional and to de-deify Paul, and if you liked it then that's great, but something being intentional doesn't automaticaly make it good.
To me the ending of Messiah was Paul making the ultimate sacrifice and order to set things straight and end the holy war. That ending left an impact in me. Bringing Paul back as a depressed failure lessens the Messiah ending to me.
Do others agree or am I just talking crazy (ABOMINATION)? What did you think?
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2022.01.28 09:27 zeropsicologos ¿Cómo dejar de sentirnos solos compartiendo?

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2022.01.28 09:27 NewsElfForEnterprise 'The Legend of Vox Machina' Cast on How They Turned 'Critical Role' into an R-rated Series

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2022.01.28 09:27 Ki_Adi_Meme-Di What do I do with all this money?

What do I do with all this money? I have all the budget available in the world, and all I need is a back up centre back to replace the one I sold for £111 Million. What should I do, I'm just at a total loss, the rest of my team has been constructed to perfection.
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2022.01.28 09:27 nicbentulan Is castling queenside as black in the sicilian usually bad? (Note the USUALLY. You can come up with a million counterexamples, but I'm asking usually) P.S. I consider myself at least intermediate in endgames (but maybe not middlgames) and tactics, but beginner in r/chessopenings. See r/chess960 lol

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2022.01.28 09:27 zaafiel8 First Copper D4v2 suggestions

Looking to get my first copper light. I already have the following:
D4v2 Al 219b sw45k, my first and only high CRI light, and a KR1vn90 Al, my first and only thrower.
So far that's my Hank loadout since getting back into flashlights four months ago. Besides hanklights I also have a Maglite Solitaire, Massdrop Al AAA, foursevens Atom AAF-HE, and Maelstrom MMU-X3, all of which don't see much regular use anymore.
I've realized that the D4v2 fits so much better in my hand, and the weight is manageable. I know copper transfers heat excellently, so what emitter setup benefits the best from using this metal--meaning outright maximum output?
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2022.01.28 09:27 Tenguswordsman Thoughts on the new chapter

Gotta say, at first I was slightly disappointed with the chapter, mainly because of Garou acting quite differently than he did in the webcomic. But upon further thought, this whole post-cadre surface battle already greatly differs from ONE' version in general. Like, Tareo is being evacuated, whereas in the webcomic he was still there. That will likely affect the story greatly. Like, if, for some reason, the plane crashes and Garou assumes the kid's dead, then that might lead to some great character development. Maybe that'll cause him to further monsterize. Perhaps Orochi will arrive and push Garou further to evolve into a monster (as currently Sage Centipede doesn't seem to be strong enough to do that). Or it's even possible that Psykos, who's been absent for like a dozen chapters, reappears and that changes things somehow. And what if God, infuriated with the defeat of his two major lackeys, affects the events of the story yet again?
The thing is, we don't know how it will play out, and given what we know, it's looking more and more likely that the end of this arc will be notably different from what most of us predicted, so it's unfair to judge the manga based on the way the webcomic handled things. We need to see the full picture.
So, overall the chapter's pretty good. Saitama's moments were great, as usual, Metal Bat is a neat character, Evil Ocean Water's pages were fire, Garou's character is too soon to be harshly judged and his dynamic with MB is simply fun.
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2022.01.28 09:27 KK-Tronix Secret Lab desk (MAGNUS)

Order number: #49173584UK
Ordered on: 25/12/2021
I have odered on 25 december 2021: Secretlab MAGNUS 1.5m + Secretlab MAGPAD™ (Bundle) - Signature Stealth Secretlab Cable Management Bundle Signature Stealth Pre-Order: Estimated to ship out by 12th January or earlier. Secretlab MAGRGB™ Diffused RGB Strip 1.5m Pre-Order: Estimated to ship out by 5th January or earlier. Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger
....and today is 28 january 2022, I did not receive any delivery. I can not receive any details thrue chat because they tell me they don`t have access to details. I can not receive my money back. The only way is to go to the bank and make a complain about this scam. Careful if you buy from SecretLab, they do not tell you that they can not make the delivery! Shame on them, I have just lost 550£ and a lot of time... Also on website delivery is free and on the end you have to pay delivery!

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Very interesting project. A strong and cohesive team, clearly the goal and the current plan to achieve it. #dao #pafdao #bitcoin #crypto
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2022.01.28 09:27 Ettina [Casual] How does your child communicate? (Parents)

I found a questionnaire online about social pragmatic communication skills. However, the only normative data I could find included kids aged 2-7 years, and I also wanted more detail on how, exactly, kids tend to communicate these messages at different language levels. I'm interested in responses about both typically developing kids and kids with various disabilities affecting communication development, and especially information about children younger than 2 years. Results will be posted on my blog at
Here's the survey link:
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Can RISE reach a 1$ price? it seems to me that the devs of this gem are no joke!
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2022.01.28 09:26 dd12909 Quest Drug test - Panel codes

Drug test on Monday at, on the order it has a panel code (31521N) for quest, is there a way to find out what's being tested with this code? I looked online and couldn't find much
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