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2022.01.28 09:10 Intelligent_Kiwi_909 Bread👍

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2022.01.28 09:10 dominator_159 spellslinger exsanguinate/reap still viable for leveling?

does the damage nerf of spellslinger affect the dot part of exsanguinate or reap? the patch note says spellslinger now has "Supported Skills deal x% less Damage with Hits and Ailments" but afaik the dot part of exsang/reap is not an ailment.
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2022.01.28 09:10 thegeekguy231 Redd won’t show up on Nephews island, does Harv’s count?

Hello all! My nephew has been trying to get his coffee shop since 2.0 came out but for whatever reason we cannot get Redd to show up on his island. I’ve time jumped almost 6 months now this past weekend trying to get Redd to show up.
During the time jump I interact with who’s visiting to try and get the bad luck system to give him Redd but no luck!
I was wondering if unlocking Redd on Harv’s would cause the museum to progress. Hopefully someone has the answer and if I need to find out for science I’ll let the thread know my findings.
Thanks for taking the time to read this thread!
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2022.01.28 09:10 thfuc84 Quem tá afim de bater uma pra minha ex?

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2022.01.28 09:10 CommandahTeeCee LoonTropic the Mixtape Presented by Attention2Details Records

Melding of multiple Genre Dancehall, Reggation, Drill, Rap, all into a pot to create something new, original and in a class of its own.
Follow The Artist: SpittaMaticGunz IG: @ www.instagram.com/spittamaticgunz_tbkchyp/
T.C Aveboi IG: @ www.instagram.com/avod00it/
LoonTropicMixtapeEpRapHipHopTrapReggatonDancehallAttention2Detail2022NewNewmusicReleased by:Attention2Details RecordsRelease date:26 January 2022
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2022.01.28 09:10 EnsoX Our new hen peppermint. The two girls Maple and Fig are picking on her!

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2022.01.28 09:10 BigBootyBear Got any lifehacks for stabilizing pasta machines?

My countertop is too thicc for the pasta machine clamp. I struggle alot with the pasta machine wiggling as I work it.
Is there any smarter way to secure pasta machine to countertop?
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2022.01.28 09:10 hail2thecabbage Zodiac schmodiac

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2022.01.28 09:10 Mothbox20 Exit - Piano Beat - Sample Based hiphop instrumental

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2022.01.28 09:10 GeorgeSpasov Key Factors for Successful DeFi App Development

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2022.01.28 09:10 Floor-Proof Pec non ufficiale, notifica phishing

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2022.01.28 09:10 mcqueen9527 Tf

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2022.01.28 09:10 mohammednabarawy المواضيع: التكنولوجيا الجديدة التي صممتها Google لتحل محل ملفات تعريف الارتباط

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2022.01.28 09:10 Sarah18798 F23 👋🏼

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2022.01.28 09:10 Gentle_decay Florence Sinclair - Opp Thot [avant garde UK]

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2022.01.28 09:10 eggs0up Jungling with randoms is so frustrating

im sorry i have to let it out my chest, idk if this has ever happened to anyone else but everytime i solo queue people always find a reason to blame everything on me. they are constantly complaining about me not ganking them or not doing the objectives even though i do gank them when i have the opportunity and i do all the drakes/rift heralds/barons when i have the opportunity to do them. When ANY laner dies they somehow always manage to find a reason to blame it on me even if there wasnt anything i could do about it. This happens in pretty much every game btw
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2022.01.28 09:10 elevatedchombii Why?

I do not understand why these devs suck this bad in 2021-2022. Its baffling i cannot play offline…offline. I remember playing diablo 2 on a laptop in a car driving hrs on a freeway playing offline. Its amazing how stupid people have become in the last ten to twenty years.
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2022.01.28 09:10 donpapagiorgio New from Finland, Medeia are back with a pretty aggressive track.

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2022.01.28 09:10 RocketScient1st How many hours should you work per week?

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2022.01.28 09:10 Sporties233 Esteplan Goaton is goated

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2022.01.28 09:10 JimIsHereXD "Every force you create has an echo, your own bad energy will be your undoing!" Ultra Gogeta drawn by me. Tried to make it as detailed as possible. What do you guys think?

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2022.01.28 09:10 Sheriff___Bart [Motherboard] Gigabyte Z590 UD AC Motherboard - $190.00

I have a new in box motherboard for sale. I got as part of a bundle on the Newegg shuffle. I needed the GPU from the bundle but not the motherboard. I live in the greater Philadelphia area, and would rather do a local drop off if I can, but i'd be willing to ship if it's not that expensive.
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2022.01.28 09:10 Affectionate_Lack754 Valium and olanzapine

Hi guys , my doctor prescribed pristiq , olanzapine and valium , taking pristiq after breakfast , how i separate valium and olanzapine at night , or if I can take both together .
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2022.01.28 09:10 Utubangutubang What actor do you think this generation has never heard of?

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2022.01.28 09:10 Shay_Slazy Unity Message Listener, Bolt Error.

Hello, I'm trying to make a test build of my game, but I'm getting errors from Bolt, UI and Message listneners whenever I'm trying to push. I don't know where to find the issue, so any pointers in the right direction would help me greatly.
Thank you so much.

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