2 tickets for Lowry tonight

2022.01.28 08:34 LuthorChickenfeet 2 tickets for Lowry tonight

Row N.
At cost if anyone wants them.
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2022.01.28 08:34 Underthebonsai Why has my iris flowered so early?

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2022.01.28 08:34 ChoiceRespond8035 [Trackstone] Que pensez-vous de Trackstone ?

Bonjour à tous,
Je suis le co-fondateur de Trackstone qui est la première plateforme d'investissement locatif qui permet d'acheter et vendre des logements déjà loués.
Nous essayons de créer une plateforme ou investir dans l'immobilier est simple, ou l'acheteur négocie en direct avec le vendeur et ou les couts sont abordables.
Nous avons lancé la plateforme en octobre 2021, c'est donc très récent, et nous cherchons des retours utilisateurs.
Pouvez-vous me dire ce que vous en pensez :
- soit ici - soit dans notre communauté : https://community.trackstone.f
Merci d'avance ! Florent
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2022.01.28 08:34 triggernaut Joe Biden Ends Press Conference, Hands Justice Breyer A Dirty Mask, Then Walks Off

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2022.01.28 08:34 Bak1010 Last Blade 2 on reicast

Hi all, I am having an issue with Last blade 2 on reicast where the game is displayed on the top left corner in a small box. Does anyone ever encounter anything like this before?

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2022.01.28 08:34 _StarzzZ_ [H]Butterfly Fade FN , Specialist Marble Fade MW , M9 Marble Fade FN , Butterfly Blue Steel FT , Karambit Doppler Ph1 FN , Nomad Fade FN [W] 100 arc , 77 arc , 45 arc , 32 arc , 33 arc , 30 arc

Open for all offers feel free to send one or add to discuss got a bunch more stuff
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2022.01.28 08:34 SlowpokeCurry LF: Zangoose, Solrock, Mawile FT: Stantler, Seviper

Looking for: Zangoose, Solrock, Mawile from. Brilliant Diamond
For trade: Stantler, Seviper
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2022.01.28 08:34 gayzebraa iwbwhajisidygetnpxqn :D

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2022.01.28 08:34 houeini How to get red lighting around your weapons? I see it on a lot of other peoples weapons

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2022.01.28 08:34 justapoornerd What’s the earliest transcripts be submitted for 2022-23?

Do any of you know when’s the earliest we can submit transcripts via Parchment for the 2022-23 cycle? Last I checked I’m still seeing info from the 21-22 cycle. I’m reapplying and got horrendously screwed over by those Parchment transmission issues last cycle, so even though my app was submitted on the first day, I wasn’t “complete” in most schools until September (my undergrad institution sends out our letter packets 8 weeks after we can show them a processed app). Thanks for any info you can provide and good luck to everyone (for both this cycle and next)!
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2022.01.28 08:34 Johnnyg5150 Last week pics of bumblebee defeating them Bugatti's

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2022.01.28 08:34 tdogbalboa Several times a week i dream about my ex please help me understand

My ex and i broke up about 5 months ago after 3 years on and off together. I did not get closure and the break up was very out of the blue. He started dating the girl he told me not to worry about 2 weeks after the breakup and 2 months after the breakup he moved into a flat with this girl their own place. Safe to say i feel traumatised and betrayed. Anyway my dreams, a couple times a week he makes an appearance typically in a sexual way. The sex is always amazing as it was in our relationship and i feel it and usually climax. He is the only man i ever enjoyed sex with but then again ive only ever had sex with 2 people including him. Just not sure what this means. Of course i miss him but i also feel so betrayed. Is he going through a similar ordeal, is he dreaming about me? I’m just confused as to why this happens so frequently, not that im complaining just want to know if it means something.
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2022.01.28 08:34 zer0contrast How does one come to know ones is 'on the right track' when studying philosophy?

I am an undergraduate Philosophy student, and am struggling with how to know whether I am actually following and understanding the material I learn, or whether I am inrerpreting ideas, concepts, and texts in a way that is simply wrong.
Generally, I get good marks for essays and exams, and usually on essays that I feel are weak; but recently I was given a grade for an essay which I thought was some of my best, most thoughtful, and considered work, which didn't seem to reflect the understanding I thought I had about the material.
This has amplified a question I tend to ask myself quite regularly when reading and attempting to grasp philosophy: Do I really understand what ia going on? My answer to myself regarding this is usually along the lines of, 'well, philosophy is incredibly complex and nuanced, and there will probably never be a time when you actually understand the intricacies and details of any idea as well as the writer, and you have to start from somewhere', which is all well and good. But since recieving this mark, I am now feeling as though I do not even understand the basic foundations on which philosophy and philosophical investigation is undertaken.
I thought that being in an academic institution would allow me to reach a higher level of clarity than self-learning, as I could raise questions and wade through the dense grass of my misunderstanding with the assistance of the professor and their map of the terrain. However, with every question I ask, I seem to find myself deeper and deeper down philosophical rabbit holes, feeling more and more confused, seeing in my own questions a lack of understanding that is becoming more and more difficult to retrieve.
How do you deal with these feelings? How do you go about seeking clarity? How do you know when you understand something?
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2022.01.28 08:34 GroundbreakingWear65 Do med school rankings in the UK matter?

I never thought the rankings for med schools mattered so much as factors like student satisfaction and graduate employability since all med schools in the UK basically teach the same course as they are all accredited by the GMC. But I feel like all anyone really talks about is uni rankings and the prestige a uni holds. To what extent does that impact your job prospects in the future? Because personally I feel like for medicine particularly it doesn’t matter as much but I may be wrong.
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2022.01.28 08:34 Totemadam12 Oww müzik kutusu...

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2022.01.28 08:34 mxdvsn Miscredit on Spotify

I could be being stupid, but Shanghai - Scientist Dub seems to reference some other artist.
I checked it, and unless Scientist has got into some Soundcloud rap recently, it seems like some randomer has been gifted their new most listened to track by random luck.
Looking further, there might be other miscredits, unless this guy just really loves balancing drill with dubs, who knows? There’s also another 2 Scientist spotify artist profiles that both seem quite real.
Am I being an idiot? Are there 2 Scientists? Or 3? Is this a new bootlegger move from KG?
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2022.01.28 08:34 zubaz69 Newt Gingrich wants to punish Rep. Adam Schiff and other anti-Trump lawmakers with a bogus committee assignment if Republicans retake the majority

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2022.01.28 08:34 Current-Confection37 تصير كثير لما تلعب لعبه لأول مره مع خويك 😂

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2022.01.28 08:34 AWU_Hades NFTs in games

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2022.01.28 08:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [ZA] - Court rules that Pretoria mom and granny be jailed if they deny father access to his child | IOL

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2022.01.28 08:34 jackmolay Dr Phil sparks transphobic pile-on with non-binary 'debate'

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2022.01.28 08:34 NewsElfForEnterprise Apple, Robinhood, Visa, Markets and Nor'Easter Storm Warnings - Five Things You Must Know

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2022.01.28 08:34 Jimbeam5150 Used My Dads Account

My account was locked without warning. I wasn't going to waste my time trying to figure out why, because PayPal is notorious for this, and many of my friends had experienced the same thing. So my father granted me access to his account. I connected my bank account. My question is, who will pay the taxes on all of this? My father has already stated that he will simply take it to his tax preparer.
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2022.01.28 08:34 CumAndMoreCum Looking for Age Low Income People Usually Have Kids

Is there any research out there that shows the average age people with lower income have kids, or that shows the average income of people who have kids under a certain age, like 25 (In the US)? Are there any resources for finding something like this out? I imagine I could pour over census data but I wouldn't even know where to start with that.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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2022.01.28 08:34 HJenkinsRSN Mark Henry Believes The Rock vs Roman Reigns Match Would Be The Biggest Thing To Happen In Wrestling

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