[Mandarian? > English] Japanese propaganda leaflet printed in the Manchukuo puppet state

2022.01.28 08:53 propagandopolis [Mandarian? > English] Japanese propaganda leaflet printed in the Manchukuo puppet state

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2022.01.28 08:53 ryche24 VMWare Vcenter 6.7/7 LOG4J Fix Out

Finally here, waiting to see some folks install it. :)
VMSA-2021-0028.10 (vmware.com)
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2022.01.28 08:53 TrendingBrokers How to Investing in Foreign Stocks from India- Best Guide

Investing in foreign stocks from India allows investors to gain exposure to some of the world’s most valuable and well-known firms, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Alibaba, and Netflix, as well as traditional companies like Samsung, Saudi Aramco, Visa, LVMH, and Tencent Holdings.
Investing in foreign stocks from India is legal, and you can allocate a reasonable and affordable amount of your portfolio to such stocks to diversify your portfolio. Residents of India are allowed to transmit up to $250,000 every financial year for portfolio investments and other permissible transactions under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI.
Furthermore, the extensive information and good governance requirements of these companies and stock exchanges allow you to comprehend better the investments you have made.
Why should traders invest in foreign stocks?
Before we get started, let’s talk about why you should invest in foreign stocks. Are they superior to Indian firms? First, you must decide why you wish to invest in international companies at this point.
The Indian stock market has around 5,500 businesses listed. Aren’t they sufficient? Furthermore, which is a better investment: Indian or international companies?
We’re not in a position to respond to the second inquiry. However, it won’t be fair if a guy in his twenties sits on his couch and judges these Indian vs. MNC enterprises and decides which is superior.
We’re talking about multibillion-dollar corporations here. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, Cisco, Tesla, and other large corporations are far too large to comment. However, these businesses have a lot of cash, highly qualified professionals on staff, and a management team that is a prominent innovator in their field.
In any case, several large Indian firms can compete with numerous global firms. So let me now address the first question: why invest in foreign equities in the first place.
Investing in Foreign Stocks has its Drawbacks
Every coin has two sides to it. So before investing in foreign stocks from India, there are a few things you should know:
Be prepared to pay a lot of money
You’ll be dealing in foreign currencies if you are investing in foreign stocks from India. for example, if you trade stocks in the US, you must pay brokerage fees in US dollars.
As a result, stock brokerages may be slightly higher than those in the Indian stock market. Similarly, compared to domestic accounts, annual/monthly maintenance fees may be greater.
The currency exchange rate has an impact on profits
Currency risk is always there when investing in foreign stocks from India. Let’s look at an example to help us comprehend.
Assume you’re planning to invest in the US stock market. When you acquired the US shares, the currency exchange rate was $1= Rs 68. However, let’s imagine the Indian rupee strengthened the next year, and the currency conversion rate became $1 = Rs 62 when you sold the US stock.
Indian residents can invest only up to $250,000 in foreign markets
An Indian resident individual can only invest up to $250,000 overseas every year, according to the RBI’s regulation in the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS). This amount comes to almost 1.7 crores at the current currency rate of $1= Rs 68. In any case, if you have a family of four, you can invest four times $250,000 for a total of one million dollars. Isn’t that enough money to invest?
What is the best way to invest in international Equities- Modes and Methods
Now that you’ve grasped the fundamentals of investing in foreign stocks from India, here are three easy ways to get started:
Direct Investments
An investor can invest directly in foreign equities by opening an overseas trading account with an Indian broker that has partnered with a foreign broker. However, certain overseas brokers may ask investors to make a minimum deposit, which may increase their capital requirements.
ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, Axis Securities, Reliance Money, and other full-service Indian brokers have partnered with foreign brokers. They’ve made it quite simple to register an account with one of their partner (international) brokers in another country. These full-service brokers can help you invest in international stocks.
Example: If you have an ICICI direct account, you can invest in worldwide markets through their broker partner Interactive Brokers LLC.
Create an account with a foreign brokerage firm
Indian citizens can open accounts with selected international brokerage firms trade in international equities, mutual funds, and other securities.
In reality, some foreign brokerages, like PrimeFin, have access to India, where you may visit, get your questions answered, and open an offshore trading account. It is the best UK-based trading broker, providing trading services in India.
Invest through Modern Trading Apps
Many fintech businesses have introduced smartphone applications that streamline the investment process and enable Indian investors to participate in international stocks.
Invest through LRS Limit
LRS Stands for Liberalized Remittance Scheme. Investments outside India are governed by India’s foreign exchange legislation and rules. However, resident Indians can invest in foreign stocks or bonds through their portfolios under the RBI’s LRS, which allows them to transmit up to $250,000 every financial year for any allowed current or capital account transaction, or a combination of both. The LRS would also cover the Gift City International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) investments.
In addition, LRS is exclusively applicable to Indian citizens. It does not apply to non-resident Indians (NRIs). Hence, NRIs are not restricted by the investment restriction of $250,000 per financial year. Moreover, they have unrestricted access to their abroad assets and can remit up to $1 million every fiscal year from India.
Invest in GIFT city IFSC listed foreign stocks
The India International Exchange Limited (IFSC), also known as India INX, an arm of BSE, and NSE International Exchange, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSE Ltd., are the two largest international exchanges situated in the IFSC at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). These stock exchanges provide Indian investors with an international trading platform to invest in overseas stocks.
Read more………..
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2022.01.28 08:53 Pshields40 In Iron Man 3 Tony Stark says screw it, it’s Christmas before activating the clean slate protocol which has fireworks. This is because like Die Hard it is a Christmas movie.

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2022.01.28 08:53 usmle12E Uworld

Uworld available for step 1 Valid till 30 april(3 months) 4% used (only biostats questions) No reset Uwsa2 free 350$ negotiable
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2022.01.28 08:53 jobsinanywhere Live cells discovered in human breast milk could aid breast cancer research

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2022.01.28 08:53 Ambjaysk Getting bruises from spirits

Don’t remember all the dream details but I do remember that I woke up finding bruises all over my both arms ( they look like small dots) … what does this mean?
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2022.01.28 08:53 GaryLittlemore US-Based Pub Now Accepts Dogecoin After MrBeast Burger

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2022.01.28 08:53 SjalabaisWoWS Mourning mistakes

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2022.01.28 08:53 Sorkiy8 Casa Beach Palm - Condomínio Paradise Palms, Kissimmee

Casa Beach Palm - Condomínio Paradise Palms, Kissimmee Casa Beach Palm - Condomínio Paradise Palms, Kissimmee https://casa-beach-palm-condomnio-paradise-palms.usa8.info Featuring a private pool and pool views, Casa Beach Palm - Condomínio Paradise Palms is located in Kissimmee. This vacation home has an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, as well as a fitness center. Paradise Palms Blvd, 8950, Kissimmee, FL 34747, United States of America
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2022.01.28 08:53 MrNotSoGreenAnymore Advice on quitting weed

Hi All,
I've been a regular smoker for the past year at university and I want to quit due to constantly feeling the negative effects of weed, I also get a lot of guilt after smoking and overly feel happiemore productive when I am sober. The main concern is that my housemate smokes and I am constantly reminded of it, however. I have thrown away all of my rolling stuff and this time around I really am determined to quit!
Any suggestions or advice to make this journey easier are greatly appreciated.
Have a good day everyone,
MrNotSoGreenAnymore <3
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2022.01.28 08:53 WHATTHEDAN11 "Monika across the universe" #2 will be presented in a few hours!

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2022.01.28 08:53 andregamer_ Almond

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2022.01.28 08:53 elora007 E✌

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2022.01.28 08:53 AngryYam I'm a lonely architecture student

Hello everyone! I am starting Design in Architecture this year and I was wondering if there were any group chats I could join. I am looking to find a friend c:
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2022.01.28 08:53 BulkyBuy 3 teens beat pedophile stepdad to death for sexually abusing their half-sister (9 years old)

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2022.01.28 08:53 AdoptedEgg How do I turn of the LEDs in my Gainward RTX 3070ti Phoenix?

It's so fucking annoying tryna download things overnight if the its on and the led is just annoying in general.
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2022.01.28 08:53 Zanzir64 Beginner's setup question

Hi everyone
Im planning to make videos with my smartphone
I have an external microphone (bird um-1) and I would like to sync it with the smartphone camera
I also have a laptop at my disposal
What would be the best solution ? Is there a software to sync camera with external mic connected on my laptop ?
Any suggestion appreciated
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2022.01.28 08:53 Volodya_Ulyanov What if we 😳😳😳

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2022.01.28 08:53 S1nx_jp What do you do with the units when modeling?

I often model the background, so I want to make the scale fit the reality. However, changing the unit of maya to meters causes various problems. So I would like to ask you how you set the units when you make the background.
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2022.01.28 08:53 salahsoltanii how to translate a udemy courses to any language?

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2022.01.28 08:53 rissgrace protect legendary animal glitch?

i played this free roam event twice today and both times we got the animal to where it was supposed to be but for the rest of the timer we were stuck on ‘protecting’ the animal from poachers of which there were very few. has anyone else experienced this recently? i’m on pc
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2022.01.28 08:53 Charlemagne2431 Chants/songs

I was wondering, what are our chants/songs we sing about our rivals?
Particularly what about 59+1? I’ve been a fan for a long time but can’t recall any specifically for the Munchen derby?
Aside from that I’d still love to hear everyone’s favourite songs targeting our rivals!
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2022.01.28 08:53 Famous_Notice3322 Should I have tried to pry

I’m not normally on here but I need to open my mind to more views/pov
I was in a relationship for almost 3 years (longest I’ve ever been in) and I knew there was something wrong but didn’t know how to address it. I am one to normally overthink and come to a conclusion and be wrong; so I was worried that if I did say something either she would feel attacked and think something IS wrong or that it would be harder to talk about it cause she wasn’t ready. So I chose to be patient. I waited until she was ready to talk about it. By the time we had the time to talk, we broke up….and then we talked about everything we needed to. It was such a weird order to talk about things that idk if this means there’s a chance or that I’m in denial.
If she asked or wondered if I’d take her back, I would do so in a heartbeat but this just me being selfish I suppose
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2022.01.28 08:53 AlternativerBOT Hannes Gnauck: Keine Verlängerung des Irakmandats

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