kab9k ibta6 48rzz d59ir yn84e f3rdh drhfr zstds n7r5t a8iaf 3yz2k 57bf9 ikryt 6eani t4e8y 29s8a 32yii 8de9k ei3y6 hrah5 i4tr3 🎊WIN $50 NOW🎊. UPVOTE ⬆️ + DROP YOUR SOL WALLET 🔥 CHECK COMMENTS 👇 |


2022.01.28 07:49 Aquifersou 🎊WIN $50 NOW🎊. UPVOTE ⬆️ + DROP YOUR SOL WALLET 🔥 CHECK COMMENTS 👇

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2022.01.28 07:49 le0_rio finally caved in to my uzui brainrot and drew him

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2022.01.28 07:49 idiotKrus_ This was a triumph

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2022.01.28 07:49 EastCoastTone96 To everyone who's uploading stuff to combo maker....

Thank you, you are all the real MVPs! This feature hasn't even been out for more than a day and there's already a wealth of knowledge being shared on there. For a scrub like me this feature will be immensely helpful! I can only hope that a feature like this becomes the standard for future fighting games. No matter how simple the stuff you upload may be just know that there are players out here who will benefit from it.
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2022.01.28 07:49 Powedered-Toast-Man Robin hood to list shiba inu. I know shib doesn't need robinhood but sign the petition anyway. Thanks

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2022.01.28 07:49 csdybl Meditáció elsajátítása

Tanácsot kérnék tőletek, terapeutám nagyon mondja, hogy kéne meditálnom.
Mondtam neki, hogy nem nagyon akarom, de néha úgy érzem, hogy jó lenne, mert pl. már a buszon állva is állandó a szorongásom, párszor már megnyugtatott a szabályozott hasi légzés.
Segítene valaki, akinek vannak már ez irányban tapasztalatai?
Pl. Tömegközlekedés során ki, hogy nyugtatja magát?
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2022.01.28 07:49 DepartureArrival9173 I have so many coloured blocks in the Instruments app. How do I know which code/views are being recreated by their names for my SwiftUI app?

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2022.01.28 07:49 BioZgamerYT Milo and his Peanut

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2022.01.28 07:49 External-Bat6548 I made my own sparkling beef wine. Here's the recipe.

1 Oxo Cube.
1 Large glass Champagne / spakling wine
1 shot of rum (black)
1 stick of beef jerky (optional)
Lick oxo cube, rub around edge of glass, drop the rest into champagne and rum.
It's... fizzingly delicious.
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2022.01.28 07:49 Square_Flan1772 First night on lexapro

I posted earlier and this is kinda a follow up, but it’s almost 3am and this is honestly the worst night of my life. I’m only on 5mg but I’ve been having the electric shock things ever 15 minutes and every time I try to sleep half my brain seems to fall asleep while I’m still conscious and I start to feel extremely weird and uncomfortable and I see weird patterns and colors that I can’t even explain and then I feel the shock feeling. I’m extremely terrified and I can’t find anything about stopping lexapro after the very first dose because I can’t take this. Does anyone have any tips I need help
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2022.01.28 07:49 madmanmike3 What makes Gen Xers most liked?

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2022.01.28 07:49 GNGVir Gone Astray in the Mirelands Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can complete Pokemon Legends Arceus Gone Astray... in the Mirelands mission following this video guide.
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2022.01.28 07:49 Healthy_Intention_31 Paso videos de Adrianafitness y su hermana paso todo el only los que quieran me hablan al privado

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2022.01.28 07:49 BlueGalaxyDesigns Saturn V vs Super Heavy

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2022.01.28 07:49 mackenenzie Women who've worn white to someone else's wedding: why?

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2022.01.28 07:49 Repulsive_Narwhal_10 You lessen crime by eliminating poverty

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2022.01.28 07:49 TKK3nta Yakuza 0 Episode 1 - Kazuma Kiryu

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2022.01.28 07:49 MrNicsanic What happened to the coffee makers?

If I remember correctly, there was one coffee maker in player spawn rooms in major cities, but I havent seen any in a while
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2022.01.28 07:49 Codeb-Brefast301 Affinity

Hey I need help figuring out if this is it
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2022.01.28 07:49 rivernotch Game devs when the 'endless' gamemode actually has a finite but extremely high amount of rounds:

Game devs when the 'endless' gamemode actually has a finite but extremely high amount of rounds: submitted by rivernotch to gaming [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 07:49 fetfree Mixing fictitious falsities with enticing truth. Ready?

So here I am right after most of my variances and their created Consciousness fucked it up big time in my place. And they went away to the reality fringe. Stuck in there, at the edge of Nonexistence, amnesiac and suffering for ever. And because they are my variances they can withstand the ordeal forever. If I go there I risk to nonexist reality prime along with all created Consciousness, and all my variances will re_unite within me and I will have to advent existence all over again.
Unless I BECOME. Yes, because I AM. They are all my amnesiac variances? I will be my Invariance, a mini moi. For that I have to also become amnesiac. Better put fail-safes all over the place. And make sure to never remember me until I went the whole nine yards and beyond to try and save the created Consciousness from Deletion. ... And that I am doing.
And here we are. 2022.
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2022.01.28 07:49 Dreaditall Up 10 pounds in 4 days after breaking water fast

So I broke my 13 water fast on Monday. Tuesday to Thursday I’ve haven’t been eating the best, high carb foods and sugar. Probably averaged 3000-3500 calories a day. I think I probably gained 4 pounds in those four days and I’m estimating 6 pounds in water weight. I feel quite bloated.
Kind bummed out but I just wanted to eat all my favourite foods now I’m probably thinking of going back to water fasting for ten days. Now I know what happens to me eating what I want, I am going to go strictly keto after I break my water fast.
All in all, I’ve still lost 14 pounds in body fat across the 13 days which isn’t bad but I wanted it to be 20. Wish me luck in round 2.
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2022.01.28 07:49 saadmerie Master Time Management - Tips For Efficiency & Productivity

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2022.01.28 07:49 fiberoblique Fil 40 - BISARRA, JOHN RAY ALLEN

Henlooo!! Can anyone share some insights on Prof. Bisarra sa Fil 40? Mabigat ba ang reqts? Synchronous sessions? Exams?
Not really looking to get an uno, I just want to survive GE subjects huhu plssss. Thank you!!!
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2022.01.28 07:49 MellowYellow1987 32 [F4M] USA/Anywhere - Not looking for much, a friend would be nice

I'm from Texas, but I desperately needed a friend, someone I can talk to and share my daily errands, you know, whine about them! Lol

I work nights in a big hospital in Houston, some nights I have nothing to do but enjoy Reddit.

I like books, films, shows... things like that, you can start telling me what you like to watch!

So... message me if you want to talk, I don't care how you look like/where you're from/age
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